The 17 Musts of Hypnosis

Anthony Jacquin - Saturday, May 28, 2016

Right attitude. Right intention. Right effort. Right action.

Be firm with instructions.

Be clear with suggestions.

Be meaningful when communicating ideas.

Be artfully vague only when necessary.

Be accurate with timing.

Be the master of personal space.

Be alert with your eyes.

Coordinate your words and actions.

Unite your actions and intentions.

Thinking must be agile. Reaction must be swift.

Comprehend the principles of push and pull.

Be still. Be grounded.

Walk don't run. Pace and lead.

Be steady with your breathing and strength.

Be commanding with your demeanour.

Test your work. Be sure to end clean.

Hypnosis : Code of Conduct

Anthony Jacquin - Saturday, May 28, 2016

Remain disciplined. Conduct yourself ethically as a hypnotist.

Practice courtesy and respect. Serve your audience and respect your subject.

Love your fellow students. Be united and avoid conflicts.

Train diligently. Maintain your skills.

Develop tranquillity. Abstain from arguments and fights.

Participate in society. Be moderate and gentle in your manners.

Help the weak and young. Use hypnosis for the good of humanity.

Pass on the tradition. Preserve this hypnotic art and it's rules of conduct.