REVIEW: UK Hypnosis Convention 2017

Anthony Jacquin - Monday, November 20, 2017

UKHC 2017 - Review by Anthony Jacquin.

Skinny version - Excellent convention. Great organisation. Powerful lectures.

Full fat version - I arrived in London two days before the convention to welcome 20 Brasileiros. We took over a pub in Earls Court, drowned out the Tottenham match on the T.V. before peeling off for late night drinks beside the Thames. Brazil is home to the fastest growing hypnosis scene in the world and Alberto Rezende is the reason for that. He has created a hypnosis YouTube channel with over 350,000 portuguese speaking members and shared many of his secrets of social media in an excellent lecture on the Sunday.

On Thursday we all met up again in Covent Garden, laughed, shared and drank to a world that never ends with Cobra Shots (Snake Wine).

On Friday my father Freddy Jacquin and I, collaborated with Bob Burns, running a half-day workshop in tandem, then swapping groups and doing it again before coming together for a Q and A. It was a real pleasure meeting several people who I have only networked with online, and sharing several of our favourite power moves, including The Arrow Technique. I am a massive fan and user of The Swan. The two techniques combined are dynamic voodoo for any agent of change.

On Friday evening the convention kicked-off with Hypnosis Weekly Live, a panel session organised by Adam Eason, This was well-attended, loads of fun and warmly received. Myself, Melissa Tiers , James Tripp and Gary Turner made up the panel and responded to questions that had been submitted online, and to more, asked by members of the audience. We contributed hypnosis factoids and news stories. I thought this was a brilliant way to spend the Friday evening and do hope this format is repeated again next year.

My Saturday started with Beryl Comar Comar's excellent HypnoDontic's lecture. This provided an insiders view to the wide variety of things we can assist the dental profession with and many insights into how to get such work.

James Tripp's lecture was excellent. A self-assured presentation with some real gold shared at the end.

It was great to meet Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel. Mike gave an energetic and entertaining lecture about inductions. I was slightly thrown off by the graphology at the end and haven't dared to write the letter 'm' since. I'm just not ready for that kind of personal insight.

Melissa Tiers gave a lecture on how to help people to sleep. I cannot tell you much about it as her sleep protocol fractionated the noggins out of me for the best part of an hour. I slept in fifteen second bursts throughout. It was like apple bobbing into a bucket of scopolamine.

I found myself leaving five minutes before the end in what might be the closest I have walked to somnambulism. I had to go and have a lay down for an hour before dinner to fully disappear and regenerate.

A highlight of the day was the Convention Dinner. Because the convention had achieved it's target of ticket sales, our wonderful host Nick Ebdon wrote two cheques for two wonderful children's charities totalling a whopping £4000.00

This was a very moving and powerful gesture and is testament to his aims at the convention coming from the heart rather than being motivated by profit. Nick and his team ran a very smooth show this year and should be pleased, proud and enthused by the excellent event they pulled together.

The mini handover speech from Adam Eason to Bob Burns was perfect. Like gingerly passing a stick of dynamite in a relay-race, it was a delicate operation and done with the professionalism, sensitivity and good humour we have come to expect from our evidence-based Professor-to-be.

What followed was as surreal as it was hilarious. Bob is a master of comedy. So funny, that you cannot repeat any of what he says and sound funny. He gets my vote for doing next years speech too. No one has a chance of following it. Just leave him with the baton.

On Sunday, I enjoyed James Brown Brown's excellent demo and concur with his utter refusal to set-up camp anywhere.

The stand-out lecture for me was that of Jørgen Rasmussen. He shared some of his unique techniques and latest ideas coloured by insights from years of meditation. I clapped, nodded and every now and again tried in vain to hold the two sides of my head together as one. This was a dance with the unchanging, a trip into timelessness, and one that I believe is going to rip through the industry and therapy as a whole in the years ahead.

My dad Freddy Jacquin shared his wonderful creation The Arrow Technique with a packed room, providing multiple live demonstrations and one mass firing aimed at alleviating pain and emotional main with everyone present. As ever he continues to surpise and astound me with his abilities to work with groups. The Arrow simply rocks. It is available for download from here: 

I spoke briefly on Parlour Hypnosis and then could not resist reaching through the curtain and encouraging the dead mesmerist Annie De Montfort to speak. The good news, we need not worry about death. The bad news, marital differences continue beyond the grave. It’s all light.

Then, my main man, The Verbal Surgeon Tim A. Cummins, smashed it. With 20 brasilieros as cheerleaders, he whipped the brits and everyone else up into a frenzy, before leg-sweeping them all with ‘Doors’ one of his favourite compositions. I sported an ideomotor-shield at one point. Literally powered up like I had run over a crystal in a computer game. Outstanding. Check Verbal Surgery for weekly power-ups.

There is so much I did not see.

However there seems to be a good spirit of sharing with many of those who spoke, sharing notes and videos after the event, which is very pleasing.

UKHC is incredible, diverse, friendly and just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to my brazilian friends for making this year so special. Thanks to Nick Ebdon, to the team, to my fellow presenters and everyone else who made the effort. UKHC 2018 here we come!

Anthony Jacquin