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    change | phenomena 2013

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    The change phenomena hypnotism conference features a variety of experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists lecturing on their current thinking, approaches and techniques. Featuring a number of remarkable live demonstrations and a panel session with questions from the audience.

    Adam Eason - Evidence Based Hypnosis
    Dr. Steve Murray - The Heart of the Matter
    Norman Vaughton - Profound Change through Ideodynamic Work
    Maggie Howell - Hypnosis for Birth
    Alexander Hartmann - Peak Performances
    Anthony Jacquin - Panel Session

    Leading hypnotherapist, trainer and author, Adam Eason, returns to discuss the application of scientific evidence to hypnotherapy, and why it is important in progressing the field.

    Consultant cardiologist, Dr. Steve Murray, lectures on his use of hypnosis to reduce anxiety related to heart conditions.

    Hypnotherapist and expert in ideodynamic change work, Norman Vaughton, explains how subtle movements can be combined with feedback to produce elegant therapy.

    Europe's leading provider of natal hypnotherapy products, Maggie Howell, discusses the impact of hypnosis on mothers preparing for birth.

    Hypnotist, mentalist and speaker, Alexander Hartmann, entertains and motivates while discussing how to achieve peak performance.


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    Whether you are a hypnotherapist who wishes to utilise the phenomena of hypnosis, a performer who has developed an interest in change, a hypno-hobbyist looking to develop your skills or a hypno-theorist seeking greater understanding, change phenomena has something for you. A must have. Well done to the Head Hacking Team once more.
    - Gary Turner


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