• Brad Stooges. Envisionalisation. change | phenomena 2015. Download.

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    change | phenomena 2015

    Brad Stooges - Envisionalisation: Views from the Shop Floor

    Format: MP4 Video Download. 

    The change | phenomena hypnotism conference features a variety of experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists lecturing on their current thinking, approaches and techniques. It features a number of remarkable live demonstrations and a panel session with questions from the audience. The guest host in 2015 was The Verbal Surgeon Tim A. Cummins.

    Brad Stooges is an American motivational speaker, originally from Las Vegas, but now a resident in the UK. He uses a background in sales and a previous career as a professional magician to inspire sales teams through the medium of 'Power Talking, Psychological Manipulation, Magic and Illusion'.

    This is a very rare opportunity to get an insight into and experience the magic of envisionalisation.

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