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    change | phenomena 2015

    Jørgen Rasmussen - Provocative Suggestions

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    The change | phenomena hypnotism conference features a variety of experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists lecturing on their current thinking, approaches and techniques. It features a number of remarkable live demonstrations and a panel session with questions from the audience. The guest host in 2015 was The Verbal Surgeon Tim A. Cummins.

    Jørgen Rasmussen has spent the last eighteen years seeing clients full time. The first seven years were spent running an impossibles practice and the second half with carefully screened clients. He currently works mostly with clients who struggle with anger issues, fear and trauma, stuttering and psychosomatic symptoms / diseases.

    He is the author of the books 'Provocative Hypnosis' ( 2008 ) and the new 'Provocative Suggestions' (2015).

    Jørgen will explain how he integrates Provocative Hypnosis and NLP, with the Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy system of Albert Ellis, as well as blending the above mentioned fields with a developmental psychology framework.

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