• HypnoSatsang : Begin - Webinar Series

    HypnoSatsang : Begin - Webinar Series

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    Join me, in my all new webinar series, which is currently live and ongoing until December 2019.

    Every month, for a year, you can join live for an in-depth exploration of hypnosis, take part in group and individual demonstrations, ask questions and be part of the conversation. In addition to the webinars you will receive extensive notes and access to a members forum.

    Investing your time in this webinar series will help map out a path of continued development for you as a hypnotist, and assist you in walking it over the next 12 months.

    Secondly every month we will turn the tools of hypnosis upon ourselves. I will help you to create your own self-hypnosis laboratory, where you can experiment, experience and change.

    Episode 1 : Practical Insights from Hypnotic Assessment (Recorded Dec 2018)
    What can we learn of practical value from the tools use in hypnosis research to assess hypnotic responsiveness. In this webinar you will be guided through a slightly modified version of The Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, The Hypnotic Induction Profile and the Creative Imagination Scale. You will learn to self-assess, so that you can better monitor your progress as a subject.

    Episode 2 : Hypnotic Enhancement Strategies (Recorded Jan 2019)
    The science is clear, hypnotic responsiveness is not fixed. With the right training we can enhance our skill in this regard. In this episode you will learn exactly how the insights provided by The Carleton Skills Training Program, and Gorassini's 4 minute version of the protocol, can be used to enhance your own behavioural and non-volitonal experience of hypnosis.

    Episode 3 : The Art of The State (Recorded Feb 2019)
    Hypnosis need not be defined as a special state. However many of the things we wish to achieve with it do reference state. We can use hypnosis to access, stabilise and change our state. In this episode we address ways to do this and examine the 14 dimensions commonly used to describe altered states, and learn how to adjust them to create any state that we wish.

    Episode 4 : Breaking and Building Habits (Join Live March 2019)
     The behaviours we wish to change or eliminate are often habitual, they seem to run automatically. The new behaviours we might wish to take on, often at first seem effortful, we wish they would habituate. In this episode we will look at a variety of tools to eliminate or engender habits, both in others, and in ourselves. 
    Episodes 5-12 to be announced...

    If you feel the time is right for this, sign-up to me webinar series. Let's begin.


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