• HypnoSatsang Webinar - Full Video Series and Notes

    HypnoSatsang Webinar - Full Video Series and Notes

    • £150.00

    Access my HypnoSatsang Webinar series. This is my most comprehensive work to date!

    Every month for a year I provided a live group training session online, The HypnoSatsang Webinar. Each month we had a headline topic that the session focused on. This was followed by an open question and answer session with those attending. Each session lasted a minimum of two hours. Notes were taken and exercises and shared with all those who took part.

    The cost is £150.00 for the full 12 month series. As well as video you receive an audio version, so you can listen to the content.

    Whether you are a curious hobbyist or seasoned professional, you will find value in the content. However this series is not for complete beginners and some familiarity with my work will be of benefit to you. If you are, then some of the topic headings will be familiar. However I will be visiting these topics in greater depth than I have before and addressing their application from the perspective I have now, after 20 years of hypnosis practice. Some topics will not be familiar, these represent my latest work and you will be the first group to receive training in them. This is the most comprehensive exploration of hypnosis I have shared. The content follows:    

    HypnoSatsang Webinar

    Introduction to HypnoSatsang: Who, What, Why?

    Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? How would you like to be perceived and remembered? In this webinar we explore how to use character, drama and premise to ensure that your work resonates beyond the hypnotic effect.

    Suggestion: The Heart of Hypnotism.

    Pretty much everything that is deemed a pillar of hypnotism is in practice, optional. Suggestion is not. In this webinar we will learn why it is essential, why the word has a special meaning with regard to hypnosis, exactly what a suggestion is, the many ways of delivering suggestion, and why it is critical in cultivating ‘the classic suggestion effect.’

    The Set Piece: Making the Micro Macro.

    My favourite part of the hypnotic process. This is often when the bulk of my work is done. In this webinar you will learn to inspire your audience to try something new, provide a novel, entertaining and often profound demonstration, and how to springboard into any phenomenon. If you wish you can make it a complete act.

    Induction: The Hypnotic Flourish.

    Although no particular induction is better than another, in terms of how the subject would fare on a subsequent test of suggestibility, it is worth considering your subject's unique attitudes, preferences, abilities and expectations as well as their condition. The inductions you decide to master and use should be suited to the setting and circumstances you plan to use them in. In this webinar we will unpack the principles from my favourites for impromptu, therapy, stage and Skype, so that you can find and develop your own.

    Impromptu: Anytime. Anywhere.

    Drawing upon my impromptu repertoire and anecdotes, in this webinar we will examine the peculiarities of doing impromptu hypnosis for fun, profit and therapy. You will be a better performer and therapist when you can demonstrate your skills anytime and anywhere.

    Parlour Demonstrations: The Intimate Stage.

    Opportunities to provide a 10-20 minute demonstration or performance of hypnosis abound, yet many people wonder what can be achieved in that time. They are a great way of promoting your business or providing a small-scale performance. Such demonstrations are easy to integrate into lectures and other presentations. Master parlour hypnosis and you will always be set to stun.

    Presence: Rock the Stage.

    In this webinar we discuss my approach to Stage Hypnosis. I will cover pre-show work, selection, preferred inductions and routines and much more.

    Power Moves: Utility Tools for Change.

    Every now and again, someone reminds us that sometimes change can be easy. We just need to provide a context for it, and ask for those changes to be made. Yes, results can seem miraculous, yet even miracles become commonplace if we provoke them often enough. This webinar is dedicated to my favourite power moves.

    Self-Hypnosis: Begin.

    A non-state view of self-hypnosis doesn’t require trance, inductions or efforts to deepen. Instead we identify what you want and begin to develop and apply hypnotic skills. I will share exactly how I use self-hypnosis, on the fly, in the moment, and how I teach others to do the same.

    Six Words: Tilopa Talks.

    Utilise six words in your life and work, that make any problem less problematic and any positive experience richer. In this webinar you will learn how to apply this ancient wisdom to yourself and others.

    The Kashmir Techniques: Hypnosis, Contemplation and Self-Enquiry.

    The approach draws upon the philosophy and practice of Advaita Vedanta, also known as non-duality. Often in hypnosis we are actively trying to change the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and responses of a person to help them in their search for happiness. This process turns that search around and instead examines the nature of the one who is searching. By relentlessly attempting to answer the question ‘Who am I?’ a realization occurs that has radical effects and profound implications.

    Living Kashmir: The Beginning.

    As the implications of The Kashmir Techniques sink in, in this webinar we move beyond concepts to the experiential realm of discovery and application.


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