• Begin: Hypnotic contemplation and self-enquiry

    • £2,500.00

    If you have discussed booking Hypnotic Contemplation and Self-Enquiry with Anthony Jacquin and wish to engage his services then please make your payment here. 

    Using a unique combination of suggestion, contemplation and enquiry, I help people rediscover a deep sense of happiness, peace and connection. Going deeper beneath “What do you want?”, I help people truly ask, “Who Am I?”, and experience the power, depth, and mystery of this question.

    Such experiences have throughout history been termed mystical, peak, spiritual or cosmic. They are often characterised by moments of nothingness, oneness, knowing and clarity. Even glimpses of such a living reality can have a transformative affect on an individual.

    No longer the preserve of mystics, sages and madmen, there are now pathways to this awakening that are not religious, devotional or reliant on the condition of the mind, body or world. They do not require years of study or arduous, self punishing practices. Instead a direct, practical and pragmatic living path is revealed – one’s own unique experience.

    Achieving this requires us to take a new perspective and to strike at the heart of some of the fundamental presumptions upon which our current sense of self and culture is founded. Concepts, that once seemed unshakeable, fall. Beliefs, that supported a reliable reality, collapse. For some, life lived in the light of this new perspective is never the same again.

    Typically this begins with a consultation to establish that we are well suited to working together. This is followed up in the subsequent weeks and months by a combination of face to face discussions, hypnosis sessions and virtual contact including regular sessions on Skype.

    If you have a longing to go beyond symptoms of thought and feeling and instead turn your attention to a bigger prize then get in touch. If we connect then I will be with you on a life changing journey all the way.

    The cost of hypnotic contemplation and self enquiry starts at £2500.00 for an engagement typically spread over anything from one week to several months.


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