• Anthony Jacquin - Hypnosis Workshop

    Anthony Jacquin - Hypnosis Workshop

    • £225.00

    PERTH - December 14th 2019  9.30am-5.00pm
    Cost £225.00 equivalent to AUS 399.00 

    For the first time in Western Australia, Anthony Jacquin will be hosting a one-day hypnosis workshop. You can expect an intensive, practical day of training, that will cover the best of his impromptu, therapeutic and self-hypnosis work.

    Everything shared will be backed up with video and extensive notes. This is the perfect course for hypnotherapists looking to sharpen their skills, or any other agent of change looking to add hypnosis skills to their toolkit.

    Anthony first learnt hypnosis from his father and did his first hypnotherapy session in 1995. He subsequently sought out the best teachers he could find and went full time into hypnotherapy in 2001.

    Since then he has worked with over 5,000 therapy clients, helping them change their lives and realise their dreams.

    In 2004, he began performing professionally providing entertainment that just happens to reveal the power of the human mind. He specialises in mixing magic tricks with real mind games and hypnosis, a combination that stuns.

    He is the author of the highly acclaimed book Reality is Plastic! The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis and now runs training courses around the world, teaching others about this fascinating art. Alongside his father he runs The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, teaching professional hypnotherapy.

    Suggestion: The Heart of Hypnotism.

    Pretty much everything that is deemed a pillar of hypnotism is in practice, optional. Suggestion is not. In this module we will learn why it is essential, why the word has a special meaning with regard to hypnosis, exactly what a suggestion is, the many ways of delivering suggestion, and why it is critical in cultivating ‘the classic suggestion effect.’

    The Set Piece: Making the Micro Macro.

    My favourite part of the hypnotic process. This is often when the bulk of my work is done. You will learn to inspire your audience to try something new, provide a novel, entertaining and often profound demonstration, and how to springboard into any phenomenon. If you wish you can make it a complete act.

    Induction: The Hypnotic Flourish.

    Although no particular induction is better than another, in terms of how the subject would fare on a subsequent test of suggestibility, it is worth considering your subject's unique attitudes, preferences, abilities and expectations as well as their condition. The inductions you decide to master and use should be suited to the setting and circumstances you plan to use them in. We will unpack the principles from my favourites for impromptu, therapy, stage and videocall, so that you can find and develop your own.

    Impromptu: Anytime. Anywhere.

    Drawing upon my impromptu repertoire and anecdotes, in this webinar we will examine the peculiarities of doing impromptu hypnosis for fun, profit and random acts of kindness. You will be a better performer and therapist when you can demonstrate your skills anytime and anywhere.

    Power Moves: Utility Tools for Change.

    Every now and again, someone reminds us that sometimes change can be easy. We just need to provide a context for it, and ask for those changes to be made. Yes, results can seem miraculous, yet even miracles become commonplace if we provoke them often enough. This part of the day is dedicated to my favourite power moves.

    Self-Hypnosis: Begin.

    A non-state view of self-hypnosis doesn’t require trance, inductions or efforts to deepen. Instead we identify what you want and begin to develop and apply hypnotic skills. I will share exactly how I use self-hypnosis, on the fly, in the moment, and how I teach others to do the same.

    All of the material will be backed up with video and extensive notes. This is a one-off opportunity to train with the author of Reality is Plastic - The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis. Places are limited to 25 so please book early.



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