• Teacher Training - Breath for Therapists

    Teacher Training - Breath for Therapists

    • £325.00

    Breath for Therapists is a sixteen hour course that enables therapists to integrate breathing techniques into their practice, and safely teach them to their clients.

    Anthony Jacquin is collaborating with his breath teacher, Ben Wolff, hosting a very special training, tailored toward talking-therapists who wish to add breathing techniques to their work.

    ZOOM Live Online
    July 18th 7-11am UK time
    August 1st 7-11am UK time
    August 15th 7-11am UK time
    August 29th 7-11am UK time

    Ben will teach his unique approach to the use of the breath for well-being and change.

    Anthony will share his use of this approach, as a vehicle for the imagination and suggestion.

    This course will give you practical tools that can help with, and shift, some of the most common and stubborn conditions a therapist encounters.

    You will leave with:

     - Breath for calm, clarity, focus and concentration

     - Breath for increased energy, and lifting mood

     - Breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety

     - Breathing techniques to overcome panic attacks

     - Breath for sleep problems

     - Breath to relieve or eliminate chronic pain

    - Plus a full understanding of the power of 6/6 breathing

    Join this teacher training and you will be taken on a journey through breath, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, physiology, biochemistry.

    You will know how to use these techniques to radically change and quickly improve symptoms, and enhance the human condition.

    You will have the opportunity to practice with your "breath-buddies" between lessons, to deepen your understanding and experience.

    Here is some of the feedback from the last course.

    "I have had the great joy of being part of the first Breath for Therapists training course. I can honestly say it is one of the best teachings I have ever participated in, not only has it changed my health & my life for the better personally, I have gained so much knowledge which I cannot wait to share with others. The course was so amazingly enjoyable, engaging & informative. I have absolutely loved every minute! Thank you from the bottom of my heart (& diaphragm!)" Tracey L.

    "Just a note to say thanks a million for the breath for therapists course. It was truly excellent both in terms of content and the way you ran it. I've been on loads of courses over the years and this was definitely one of the best. I'm still reeling from the amount of information and trying to absorb it all. The course has already changed the way I work and I'm sure it will even more as I become more conversant with all the techniques." Peter G.

    And comments from our workshop.

    "Last night was EPIC. I really don’t say that lightly. I had the most incredibly strange, hard to describe experience."

    "I just wanted to let you know I really loved the workshop last evening. In particular the hypnosis you did seemed to reach some part of me that needed to be contacted and I found it moving."

    "Just wanted to say thank you so much for last night, truly loved it. It was very powerful stuff with lots of fun thrown in."

    "There was a lot in this workshop yesterday! Mindblowing for me!"

    Ben's teacher training is normally £400.00 but as this is a new collaboration this year, the fee is reduced to £325.00

    After learning these techniques, you will wonder how you ever worked without them. It's like a secret weapon for therapists.

    Always available. Simple to apply. Breath will be part of your toolkit forever.

    A recording will be made available for all who register. Extensive notes are included.

    Ben Wolff is a Yoga Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Dream Yoga practitioner with a profound depth of experience and understanding in his field. He has an acute and wide understanding of contemporary scientific research into meditation, neuroscience and other fields related to Yoga Nidra and Breathwork. Brought on by his recovery from serious illness and many years of continuous research and investigation, Ben shares his findings from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern science in ways that are open and accessible to everyone. In his breathing school and teacher-teachings he teaches others how to safely integrate this approach and knowledge into their practice.

    Anthony first learnt hypnosis from his father and did his first hypnotherapy session in 1995. He subsequently sought out the best teachers he could find and went full time into hypnotherapy in 2001. 
    Since then he has worked with over 5,000 therapy clients, helping them change their lives and realise their dreams. In 2004, he began performing professionally providing entertainment that just happens to reveal the power of the human mind. He specialises in mixing magic tricks with real mind games and hypnosis, a combination that stuns.  He is the author of the highly acclaimed book Reality is Plastic! The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis and now runs training courses around the world, teaching others about this fascinating art. Alongside his father he runs The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, teaching professional hypnotherapy.
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