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    The Trilby Connection - Effective Street Hypnosis.

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    From national television to the streets of Europe, it is impossible to ignore the growing numbers of walk-about hypnotists. Learn the skills and take it to the streets. From complete amateurs to accomplished stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists, everyone can benefit from this hotly anticipated video set.

    Aimed at everyone with an interest in hypnosis, this unique set focuses on performance hypnotism. As well as interview-style explanations and training we include footage of taking these skills to the street. You will gain the confidence, attitude, patter and techniques required to excel including:

     Bandler, Erickson and Elman Handshake Inductions
    Hypno Theft
    Lies and Truth
    Approach to Routines
    Performance Feedback

    The Trilby Connection download is available now. The download edition is packed with tuition, demonstrations, performances and feedback.

    This product is a digital download. Upon completion of the sale you will be sent a link to download the video files.

    The videos are in MP4 format and should play on most current computers.

    "I have to say that this has taken the top spot with what I think is the most concise, in depth and accurate hypnosis training around."

    - Kennedy - Professional Mind Reader Ken Dyne

    "As I am french , I thought that maybe some " finesse " would escape me. Happily, no. everything is shown and said clearly
    It is really an excellent product, going step by step from A to Z. I have bought maybe ten or twelve Hypnosis DVD, and this one is absolutely the one that I would recommend before all others."

    -Philippe Miras

    "Over the years I've studied NLP and hypnosis in depth, training and practising in both direct and indirect hypnosis. Although certified multiple times and happy to treat clients therapeutically, there had always been one area that caused me an inwards cringe of anxiety... public demonstrations of hypnosis.

    Whilst others can wrap hypnosis in layers of complexity and theory, the trilby connection strips away the fluff and gets down to the nitty gritty, telling you what you actually need to know, say and do to perform hypnosis, safely, ethically, professionally and have fun doing it whilst getting great results.

    Anthony Jacquin and the head hacking crew preform a stellar job in trilby, breaking everything down into simple to remember, easy to follow steps. Whether you're a seasoned hypnotist looking to learn how to give public demonstrations of hypnosis that you are confident will work, or a beginner with no previous knowledge, this may well be the best product for you to get.

    Earlier this year I was lucky enough to train with Anthony, who turns out to be a friendly, down to earth bloke. By the end of the first day, without even having covered all the material in these DVDs, I was hypnotising total stranger in public and consistently getting results, success after success after success ! If you want to know what actually works buy this, Recommended!"

    -Raj Desai

    "I have been involved with hypnosis since 1971 and found it educational and very interesting, I enjoyed it that much I attended the weekend course in Derby 2 & 3 Feb 2013 what a fantastic down to earth team (Head Hacking) funny entertaining and an excellent confidence builder. Would recommend that anyone interested in hypnosis shouldn't miss watching this set and attending the course."

    -Jon Jo Gill

    "Just thought I'd drop you an email to comment on The Trilby Connection. It's another valuable addition to the growing collection of Jacquin products! Excellent information and sits nicely with the Reality Is Plastic CD on constant loop in my car (for months now!!), the RIP DVD and of course, the book.

    Once again, the information is easy to understand and I loved the format of getting Sarah in to act as the novice. I'm sure we can all relate to the nerves and word-scrambling that happens the first time you try out the techniques!"

    -James Miller

    "This past week I got myself The Trilby Connection by Head Hacking.

    Here are my impressions.

    1. The packaging is a box that comes apart in the middle, revealing the main ‘book’ with DVD’s inside and a bonus DVD. It feels expensive and hints to the high production values of the HH crew.

    2. I popped the first DVD into my PC and it ran fine. The first DVD is primarily about a woman named Sarah learning street hypnosis from Anthony Jacquin. He goes through set pieces, inductions, and routines. The most valuable bit to me is when a fresh hypnochimp is brought in a Sarah gets a chance to dive right in and try it all out. You get to see her beginner mistakes, and even more importantly you get to see how even a real beginner can get the phenomena.

    3. I get bored easily. Especially with hypnosis products. Many teachers drone on and on about their pet theories and ideas and I often find myself jumping ahead to the actual demos. Not this time. The editing is very, very tight. It’s demo after demo with the very bare minimum of theory mixed in.

    4. On the second DVD you get to see Sarah go out into the real world and do street hypnosis. You then see Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake review it and break it all down. Once again, an extremely valuable piece. You get too see how even after world class instruction, Sarah fails. You see how and why she fails, and you then see how she succeeds. In a world of ‘buy this DVD and become an instant master hypnotist’, you get a dose of reality. Yes, the techniques are pretty blletproof, but at the same time it is inevitable that a beginner will have some missteps.

    5. Also on the second DVD are routines from Anthony and a few other hypnotists. Also reviewed and broken down by Anthony and Kev. This gives you a real good sense of how smooth you can get after some good practice and a good sense of how it makes all the difference in the world. This part is invaluable for modeling and getting a felt sense of how it looks when it all comes together.

    In the end, in my opinion, The Trilby Connection is a flawless piece of work. The technical aspects are perfect and the packaging is beautiful. It has a real nice feel in your hand. As well, you get to see the techniques taught in a clear and simple manner. You then get to see them tested on a subject by the student. It’s all then taken out to the real world by both a beginner and by a master. Seeing hypnotists work in the real world with unconditioned street people is quite often the missing bit for many beginners. Seeing the progression of a new student is also something that’s a rare find. The Trilby Connection has both.

    Until this point I have recommended that my beginning students purchase two books. “Reality is Plastic” by Anthony Jacquin, and “Hypnotherapy” by Dave Elman.

    After watching Trilby, it will now go on that short list as the third must have product for the beginning hypnotists.

    It’s that good."

    -Joe K Fobes

    "As somebody who has zero knowledge (till now) on the hypnosis field, I found the information on tis set to be both very easy to understand, as well as simple to apply. Anthony's excellent approach to teaching has helped me understand some key fundamentals on the subject.

    The Trilby Connection has a unique and almost a "I feel like he's teaching me personally" approach. Everything is very clear, simple to digest with awesome demonstrations, both comical yet incredibly impressive. The price point felt high when I first purchased the set, but from seeing how the video encourages the viewer and actually makes them feel as if they are being trained personally by Anthony, definitely makes me say my money was well spent! If you can't go to the training personally, then this is the next best thing."


    "The Trilby DVDs arrived. They are awesome! You teach the kind of inductions that I was expecting when I read RIP. Very good content and production! I also enjoyed a lot the idea of suggesting with eyes open (I forgot the name of this) and the bonus DVDs with full routines!

    It worth each cent!!!!"
    -Paolo Ramos

    "In my opinion, Ant's (and team) best work to date.

    There is enough detail, explanation and demonstrations so that everybody can grasp it, and the material is communicated clearly and concisely. There is no padding to make the product appear 'fatter' and make the DVD look longer and have more than it actually contains. Just about every word is relevant.

    Ant takes you through a range of techniques, and many if not most of these techniques are also applicable outside of the target audience of Street Hypnosis.

    Ant, once the reputation of this latest release of yours gets out to a wider audience, I'm sure it's going to fly off the shelves, and it deserves to.

    As an aside, the bonus material and outtakes did give me stomach cramp, it made me laugh so much. Well done for adding that material."


    "Hello all.
    First of all I 'd like to say I have lots of books that was written just to be sold and make the author rich and I am HAPPY to say this set is not one of them. Well here is my review:

    Anthony is Back best than ever... His new DVDs set The trilby Connection are amazing !!! Very well done since its packet to its content. It is a kinda of good and proper step by step on how to do it. He explains every thing since why, to how to...and it comes since the opener to
    the induction and hypnotic effect he desires. I am really surprised. Anthony and kev really did It very well. I don't want to let you expectation too high with this brief review but certainty it s worth your money and time. I am completely sure of it, and that's my sincerely review.

    Additionally : Although I never met in person both Ant and Kev, they are very accessible by the time I started to learn Hypnosis they answered lots of my question and Anthony always shows me the direction to follow to learn it on his materials and on others authors materials too.I just have to thank you Guys it's hard to find guys like you, very reliable.

    In Portuguese:

    Simplesmente demais!!!
    Anthony esta devolta com este incrivel set de dvds explicando passo a passo tudo e um pouco mais. ë uma revisão para os experientes somado a uma aula passo a passo para novatos e experientes hipnologos. Me surpreendeu mesmo e indico este set."

    -Elvio Jnr (Brasil)

    "I just received my box of The Trilby Connection, from Head Hacking. Behind that are Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake, but with them on the DVDs are Amit Badiani, Marcus Lewis, Ravi Mayar, Sarah, Lee and others.

    The first edition includes the free Bonus Material, but as far as I can understand, it will not be included in later editions.

    When I opened the padded envelope, and handled the box, I immediately thought: QUALITY! The box just screams QUALITY at you! In the box there are 3 DVDs and a hardbound book. Inside each hardcover of the book there is a DVD and the third one in a DVD cover.

    I can just say this is brilliant! Pure professionalism oozes from Ant's work and the break-down on the DVDs is excellent! This set is even better and more concentrated than The Manchurian Approach, but that DVD set is also very good ... this one is just a bit better! :)

    I also find that the discussion and reviews of real situations help understanding and breaking down what to do and especially what to avoid. Seeing someone fail and succeed is valuable, under revision of Kev and Ant. As with so many DVDs, the only thing that could be criticized is the sound, but if you crank up the volume, it's OK. The video is multi-angle.

    If you are interested in hypnosis, I doubt that you can find a more suitable material for you than this DVD box set. It contains between 5 and 6 hours of solid material on the subject.


    Also credited and mentioned are: Freddy Jacquin, Jon Chase, JP Morgan, Vincent Lynch, James Tripp, Paul Brook, Ross Jeffries, John Overdurf, Julie Silverthorn, David Calof, Dave Elman, John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Connirae Andreas, Milton H. Erickson, Ernest L. Rossi, Sheila I. Rossi, André M. Weitzenhoffer, Bill Cushman, Barry Thain, Richard Nongard, John Cerbonne and Igor Ledochowski."

    -Gunnar Kr., Member of IBM Ring 371

    "It seems that Anthony Jacquin has splashed on to the scene with a range of hypno-related product over the past year or so. The first thing I knew of Jacquin was his lovely little book ‘Reality Is Plastic’.

    Since then we’ve been introduced to a bevy of interesting titles. The latest of which is The Trilby Connection.

    I have to say that this has taken the top spot with what I think is the most concise, in depth and accurate hypnosis training around.

    With a price tag of £79 I was excited to see what kind of training would be provided. In the DVD we are taken in to Anthony Jacquin’s caring hands as we learn in a very exciting way.

    The DVD pretty much focuses on a 1-2-1 training session where Jacquin takes a young lady with a keen interest in learning hypnosis, from almost no knowledge at all, right up to a level of great competence.

    The most valuable aspects of the DVD were right after sitting on a comfortable red sofa, they take to the streets and start using the techniques. Then – they go back and pick apart the observations out trainer made. Including improvements, advice and additional subtleties.

    All in all, I think this is a winner."

    -Kennedy - Professional Mind Reader Ken Dyne

    "Trilby arrived yesterday and I already can say that I highly recommend buying this set of fine dvds. I am glad I preordered here. Just for the protocol, I already own some of Anthonys work (RIP & Manchurian Approach) I was afraid if this Set could be very very similar to his other products... Same structure, same set pieces, different plug "street hypnotism"..

    But Trilby is different. It describes hypnosis in a really fair, honest and direct way. It's about learning, teaching and trying. About improvment of techniques, faults and ways to overcome them. The aspect of teaching another person (who is new to hypnosis and acts like a beginner) to hypnotize another volunteer is fantastic. If you are a beginner you can imagine sitting on that couch.. your questions asked there. It's your own uncertainty you could feel in that situation. The first trials are not perfect and that makes this dvd set stand out. Because it is not necessary to be perfect as long as you believe in yourself and play the rules (especially safty rules).

    Congratulations for releasing such a fine product."


    "Coming from someone who uses hypnosis, studies it, and continues to keep evolving this wonderful art, I had purchased RIP and Manchurian set when they first appeared on the scene from our very own Ant.

    I watched the first DVD and having been through the above sets, I was wondering what else I could glean information wise from this long awaited set.I was not sure what else Anthony could pass on to people who already have the two sets which everyone was raving about for so long. Now let me assure you I am not someone who is easily impressed and wont say something which I do not believe is true, especially when it concerns something I am passionate about.

    The first DVD for me is an absolute gold mine of information, from how to approach and introduce yourself as a hypnotist, what to say, how to word it so that people are not " freaked out " by what we do. Leading into the set pieces and how they are worded, and how they work with key words to use to get the most from everything that you set out to do with your volunteer. Moving on to inductions and there are clear and concise instructions on the inductions which are on the DVD to practice then practice some more until you get everything you need down to a fine art.

    Covering some basic suggestions and how they are worded, you get to see Ant, and his new student go through suggestions, and see many corrections in patter, set pieces, and inductions to make them as smooth and effective as they should be.

    This DVD alone will teach anyone who wants to learn more about hypnosis, either as a starting point or someone who just wants to get into performance hypnosis a hell of a lot of information, and having used what I have been taught already, this DVD has helped me glean the information which I never really knew was missing and has given me ideas and areas to hone to make as good as I can possibly get them.

    DVD 2 sees a critique of Ant and Kev with Sarah ( The lovely student ) on the DVD, performing what she has been taught in real world scenarios, the corrections are brilliant to see and you really get a sense of how much effort was put into the training and the quality of these DVDs for professional tuition. or as personal and professional as it can be on a DVD ( for anyone who decides to critique not training with Ant in person ). This I believe is the next best thing for gaining his information and that of the whole HeadHacking team.

    You then get to see the likes of the team in action with some real world hypnosis, Anthony, John, Amit, to name but a few. This all helps to give you ideas on how you put everything together to make whatever you want to do in performance hypnosis a top notch set which will leave you watching again and again and each time picking up more information than the last time and continues to add to your skill set.

    For anyone who is interested in hypnosis, and has ordered this set I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. For anyone who is just getting into hypnosis, this set will show you everything you need to know, including the wake up procedure, and also covering the health and safety aspect of making sure your volunteer is happy, lively, alert and completely safe and emerged from their experience in every way.

    The extras on the DVD and out takes, I could not stop laughing.... a fantastic end to a set which teaches so much.

    Ultimately, from a practicing hypnotherapist, who is loving his job, his hobby, and bringing smiles, laughter, and good feelings to anyone willing to volunteer for a mind blowing experience, a big two thumbs up to Ant and the crew on this set.

    A personal thanks to Ant, for his time and patience will all the help he has given me, and someone who I class as a true gent, a professional, and someone who keeps on giving back to those who take the time to take an interest for the better and to keep this wonderful art alive."

    -Craig Galvin


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