What can I help you with?

Whether your interest is hypnosis for personal change, entertainment, or you just want to learn more about this fascinating subject, I may well be able to help you. Have a look around my site and get in touch with me direct if you have any questions or wish to work with me.


Hypnotherapy could well be written as the development of an approach for accessing and facilitating human potential. The days of believing the health of mind and body to be separate issues are long gone as we now know they are inseparable.

Hypnosis Training

No longer the preserve of stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists, more and more people are realising they can add hypnosis to their existing skills, apply it within their work and hobbies, or simply use it for personal development.


With style, mystery and presence, I will help you transform your event from something special into something extraordinary. This is pure entertainment that reveals the power, and potential, of the human mind.

Reality Is Plastic

If you are keen to learn more about hypnosis and what it can do for both you and those around you, I recommend looking through my book, 'Reality Is Plastic'.

Reality Is Plastic is about utilizing hypnosis anywhere, at any time, and how to use it effectively. It will teach many things from how to properly and safely use inductions, to brief calming relaxing hypnosis to help revitalize someone in need.

My name is Anthony...

My first contact with hypnosis was via my father. After learning hypnosis himself and helping others with it, he told me he felt like he was vested with a special power, as if he was wearing an invisible cloak. He suggested that I should try one on too.

So I learnt the basics and eventually did my first session back in 1995 to help someone quit smoking. It was a complete success, they quit easily and effortlessly. I was hooked.

Keen to learn more I sought out the best teachers I could find, got as much practical experience as possible and finally went full time as a hypnotherapist in 2001. Since then I have worked with over 5000 people helping them change their life and realise their dreams.

My interest spread into entertaining with hypnosis and I became a professional performer in 2004. My speciality is mixing close up magic and mind games with hypnosis and I have been fortunate enough to perform for a wide variety of people, companies and festivals as well as featuring on both BBC Radio and ITV.

Now I spend much of my time travelling the world sharing my ideas about hypnosis, teaching others about this fascinating art. Although what I do and teach now is a world away from what I did twenty years ago, the magical feeling that comes from knowing you can use words to change someone's reality, to change someone's life remains. I am as fascinated with hypnosis now as I was after that first session.

Everything sound good? Let's begin

To contact me directly, please feel free to fill out the web form provided or call. I will be sure to get back to you as fast as possible.

I understand that hypnosis can be percieved as a complicated subject so allow me to answer any questions or concerns you may have before we work together. I greatly look forward to hearing from you.

I am available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm GMT. My office is closed on the weekends.

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