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iLAB Self-Hypnosis Training

You are your own therapist and coach. Change the way you think, feel and behave with this seven step self-hypnosis program. Plus therapeutic techniques, lives, and daily tips. Let’s get started.

Private Hypnotherapy

Go deeper, and make changes faster, with private weekly sessions online. Gain confidence and motivation, lose your fears, and achieve your physical and mental potential. Let's begin.

Reality Coaching

Are you willing to define the legacy you would like to live up to? Ready to set compelling goals, and welcome a coach to your team who will hold you accountable? Let's talk.

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Get a jump-start on your ideal you with Self-Hypnosis.

With iLAB Self-Hypnosis Training, improve your well-being easily and effortlessly. Get instant access to audio guided techniques that will show you how to improve your happiness, enhance your performance, and take control of your life.

It's like having a friend, a therapist and a coach in your pocket. 

If you are ready to take responsibility for your own well-being, and are curious to explore your ability to change the way you think, feel and turn up in the world, then you are in the right place. 

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Frequently asked questions.

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If you have any questions about my methods and approach, I would be more than happy to answer them.

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Can Hypnosis really help me lose weight?

Absolutely! Hypnosis can be used to rapidly change your lifestyle for the better to help you engage in better eating habits, look forward to physical activity and break down self-destructive patterns. This is not a diet. It is a change of mindset, the end of emotional eating, and reclaiming your right to have a healthy relationship with both food and your body.

What is a 'Reality Coach'?

I take on a handful of new clients each year who I work with one-to-one typically for between 3 and 12 months. These are people who are willing to define the legacy they would like to live up to, who are prepared to set themselves compelling goals, and who I believe, with the assistance of personal coaching, have the drive and determination to achieve them.

Together we set key objectives, define a framework for success, and then we get focused and organised to ensure you succeed.

This is ideally suited to those who are ready to take ownership, accountability and responsibility.  It is for those interested in crafting a road map to success and trusting me to be your guide on that journey. Ultimately this investment will save you time and money.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, everybody is hypnotizable to some extent - some more than others. Hypnosis is a collaborative action that requires just as much from the subject as it does the hypnotherapist.

What kind of issues will the self-hypnosis recordings help with and address?

Improve your well-being easily and effortlessly. 

Get instant access to recordings that will show you how to improve your happiness, enhance your performance, and take control of your life.

What does hypnosis require?

Hypnosis requires 3 things:

  • A desire for change
  • Willingness to engage in hypnosis 
  • The ability to follow simple instructions

    If you can answer “yes” to the above requirements you will experience hypnosis.

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Chen Ting

"Whether you’re looking to take your business to the next level or improve your personal well being, Anthony Jacquin is your best bet. His undivided attention, incredible ability as a hypnotist and years of coaching experience are what sets him apart from the rest. Highly recommended to anyone who is ready for a special journey towards their true potential."

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Dr. Campbell

“Change your life in one session! That’s what happened for me. I reached out to Anthony Jacquin to help me break free of a personal debilitating fear that had been holding me back for decade. I highly recommend Anthony because I know that if you are ready to change he will be able to set you free from any negative thoughts, emotions or fears that may be limiting you.”

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Reality Coach
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Sessions are offered globally and take place from the safety and comfort of your home, via videocall.